Cannabinoids "CBD"  vs Arthritis what is your insight on this approach. The Arthritis Foundation is aware of the growing popularity and availability of CBD-based products. Industry reports show that people with arthritis are among the top buyers, and pain is the leading reason for purchase. 

They are intrigued by the potential of CBD to help people find pain relief and are on record urging the FDA to expedite the study and regulation of these products.  SunMed products are the top leading CBD on the marketplace with 3rd party lab testing for for consumer to track from soil to oil

Arthritis and CBD

CBD benefits?
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How is cannabidiol "CBD" different from marijuana?
How is cannabidiol "CBD"  different from marijuana?The hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant. While CBD is a component of mariju...
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Monday 30th September 2019

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