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Few people identify what effort is required to make a high-quality CBD tincture. First and foremost is the cannabis plants and their quality. It’s a given that without organic and pure quality plants, you will never get quality cannabidiol oil.

This is why, at Sunmed CBD, we focus on offering products that are made from hemp that is grown in USA, organic and non-GMO.It is unadulterated, effective and straightforward.

Sunmed Above Delta 8 Oil

Above Delta-8 THC Hemp Oil TinctureSunmeds Tropical Kiwi- 1000mgOur Above Delta-8 THC Hemp Oil Tinct..


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Sunmed CBD Broad Spectrum Oil Tinctures - 0% THC

Sunmed CBD Oil Tinctures - 0% THC Broad Spectrum Products or Full SpectrumSunmed CBD Oil Tinctures&n..


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Sunmed CBD Pet Tincture - Dogs Cats 0% THC

 Sunmed CBD Pet Tincture - Dogs Cats 0% THCSunMed Broad Spectrum Pet Tinctures are we..


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Sunmed CBG CITRUS CBD - 660MG - Day Time Formula

Sunmed CBG CITRUS CBD - 660MG - Day Time FormulaSunmed CBG CITRUS CBD - Orange 660MG - Day Time Form..


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Sunmed CBG, CBN & Topical Cream Discount Combo

Sunmed CBG, CBN & Topical Cream Discount ComboSave up to $50 TodayWe are introducing Sunmeds new..


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Sunmed CBN Plus 1000mg Night Time Oil Tinctures

Sunmed CBN Plus  CBD Oil Tinctures for NightTimeBlueberry 1000mg Full Spectrum or Bla..


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Sunmed CBN PLUS Blackberry - 1000MG - Night Time Formula

SUNMED CBN PLUS - Blackberry 1000MG - NIGHT TIMESUNMED CBN PLUS CBD - Blackberry 1000MG - Night Time..


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Sunmed Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures

         SunMed Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures*Now also Available in ..


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Sunmed Immune + Hemp Oil Supplement Full Spectrum with CBGA and CBDA

Sunmed Immune + Hemp Oil Supplement 1000mgFull Spectrum with CBGA and CBDASunmed Immune + Hemp Oil 1..


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Understanding Cannabidiol Oil– The Basics

As the use of cannabis and CBD oil tinctures is becoming accessiblein the U.S., users are still learning about the beneficial nature of products, such as CBD oil tinctures. Products that are full-spectrum contain supportive phytochemicals.

These beneficial compounds include terpenes,omega acidsflavonoidsand phytocannabinoids that are like CBD.Different from pure cannabidiol oil, products that are full-spectrum are made from hemp that is high quality and uses all the beneficial plant-based compounds that offera well-rounded medicinal experience for full-body use.

Browse through our collection of the best CBD oil tinctures and products here.

Additionally, CBD has been especially described for its non-psychoactive components and for currently being "specifically advantageous to utilize since it prevents toxicity found with [other] cannabinoids (such as THC)from excessive doses.”

While really the only current FDA approved make use of CBD oil is perfect for the treatment method regarding intractable epilepsy, it truly is difficult not to ever overlook the particular assertions made in this kind of US Fed. government license or perhaps comparable assertions created inside a bunch of additional medical periodicals, or perhaps to help overlook typically the undeniable fact that typically the Fed. Government Departments of Health holds a Federal license in regard to the use of energetic cannabinoids on a clinical level.



If you are shopping for CBD hemp oil online,you might become overwhelmed by the options available. There are numerous brands that all seem to be offering the same kind of CBD products. Given this factor, you might find yourself wondering, “What makes Sunmed CBD Hemp Oil so different from the rest?”

To start answering that question, we would like to point out some important factors:

Sunmed just won the Award for Best Topical Cream and CBD Oil Tincture at the 2019 USA CBD Expo.

If you've ever spent any amount of period shopping for CBD hemp oil regarding the purchase or seeking to buy hemp oil online, the idea will become quickly crystal clear this your own report on choices is actually, to be able to place it mildly, overwhelming.

Generally, there tend to be a great number of figures of models who else outwardly everyone offers the very same CBD merchandise, so the question generally concludes decrease to: "Exactly what can make Sunmed cannabis oil available for purchase almost any various coming from the actual other manufacturers?”

Well, you can commence by listing a few of typically the stuff that presents our own merchandise unparalleled quality and also genuity:

•We use the highest grade in CO2 equipment in order to extract all the CBD components from the material of the plant.

• Our team sources each of our organic bits of hemp via Research Farms in Colorado & Oregon.

• We exclusively use the top-level CARBON DIOXIDE products in order to acquire the lively CBD from the actual plant substance.

• We analyze and sample every item Soil to oil for 3rd Party Certificate of Analysis at our labs in USA (Green Scientific Labs).

• Our products are fully organic and natural along with Non-GMO, pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer, as well as element totally free.

• We tend to provide CBD separate items which may have 0% THC within all of them.

• In case that is insufficient, maybe the actual truth that we have been featured as one of the industry's leading internet sites connected with the best-rated CBD hemp oils available for sale and we look to satisfy your needs more personally.


Are all CBD Oil Tinctures Similar?

As we have mentioned before, when you are shopping for CBD oil tinctures online, it can be extremely difficult to try to distinguish between a brand or a particular company. If you can see between the fine lines, you will realize that all the best brands are known to source the raw material by using industrial hemp that is legal. They also extract the active CBD compounds using low-temperature CO2 devices, offer testing from third-party laboratories and produce solvent-free, organic CBD oil products, including CBD oil tinctures, capsules and oils.

So, how can you tell one brand apart from the next one?

In this case, relying on word-of-mouth is the best idea. You can seek opinions from people who have previously purchased CBD oil tinctures online and tried out different brands, which helps them learn how to accurately compare a brand with others. You will see thatSunmed CBD is a brand that is regularly featured on third-party, unbiased websites and is recognized for being a brand that deliversthe highest quality CBD oil tinctures and more.

Take a look at the products in our inventory. If you need help, have questions or would like some more information, be sure to give us a call on 817 521 9001or get in touch with our online, live personnel.



Products from Sunmed CBD are not meant for the diagnosis, treatment or cure of any medical condition or ailment. Our customers rely on our products for day-to-day wellness and boost recovery for body aches and soreness caused by physical exercise.
Sunmed CBD makes products that can help to promote calmness, boost focus and make it possible to manage daily stress. Our products are not for the treatment of any medical ailment.
Always research all products, especially when you are getting CBD oil online. Do a thorough research of the product and its properties before you choose to buy it. At Sunmed CBD, we offer CBD products made from high-quality industrial hemp and that has been grown in the U.S on farms in Colorado and Oregon respectively.

The benefits of Sunmed CBD can vary since everyone has a unique metabolism. As a reminder, we would like to place emphasis that Sunmed CBD oil is not meant for the treatment of any ailment.

We are deeply proud to be among America’s best CBD brands. Many reasons highlight why Sunmed CBD has the best products. Firstly, the cannabinoids we use are from organic hemp sourced from local farms. Secondly, all the hemp is organically grown with no chemicals, fertilizer, herbicides, GMOs, or pesticides. Thirdly, all Sunmed CBD products go for third-party testing. And finally, we only use the best CO2 equipment for the extraction of CBD.
Sunmed CBD tinctures are flexible in use and can be used as you want, based on your individual needs. Some of our users prefer CBD tinctures for general use to improve their sense of wellness, while others use it relaxation, boost focus, and to be calmer.
There are numerous reasons why our customers choose Sunmed CBD tinctures. From being able to be calmer to boosting focus and even supporting recovery after exercise, our customers love what our products do for them. Be sure to take a look at the reviews our customers leave regarding Sunmed CBD and its products.

There’s no noticeable difference between CBD tinctures or CBD oils. CBD oil works better with other plant compounds such as terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and flavonoids. Sunmed CBD’s products are also full-spectrum, which means that they have all the compounds mentioned above and also encourage the phenomenon of the Entourage Effect.

Previously, we used to sell CBD tinctures in three sizes only, including 250mg, 500mg, and 750mg, in 1oz (30mL) bottles. However, we now have two more options, such as the 1000mg and 3000mg in 1oz (30ml) bottles. All our boottles are same size just different potency . The bottles sizes all have 60 servings. For 1 in the morning, 1 at dinner suggested servings.
Our CBD tinctures are in classic oil dropper bottles. We recommend that you use the dropper to put the product under your tongue. Hold it for 60 to 90 seconds before you swallow.
Our main aim is always to provide you with your products as quickly as possible. Based on your locality, it can take anywhere from 1 to 4 days to get the CBD tincture. However, if you are experiencing any delays please get in touch with us and give us a call on 817 521 9001 or get in touch with our online, live personnel.

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