Sunmed CBD Broad Spectrum Water Solubles 

3rd Party Lab Tested with Full Certificate of Analysis ( COA ) on each bottle with QR Scan Code. SunMed Water Soluble CBD is expected to disintegrate promptly preceding utilization – and, gratitude to our patent-pending equations and the use of nanoemulsion innovation, it is consumed by the body a lot snappier. This changes the dynamic mixes into nano-sized emulsions, prompting a much bigger surface region of the hemp oil beads, bringing about a higher pace of ingestion in the circulatory system. This can build ingestion rate and arrive at various receptors over the body quicker.

Broad Spectrum/ Full Spectrum

  • Fast-acting, high potency water-soluble cbd formula usually 5-7minutes (Available in 300mg, 600mg, and now 900mg, relative effectiveness compared 2-4x higher than tinctures.)
  • Full / Broad spectrum with multiple cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDV) and terpenes
  • Full Spectrum Available with Trace Amounts of THC (In Cinnamon, Blueberry, Strawberry, and Natural available with ~0.3% THC)
  • Particle size < 0.005 microns, potentially better application for neurological conditions due to the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier (Notice: not approved by FDA to treat or cure any disease)
  • Mix with water, juice, coffee, tea, or your favorite non-alcohol drink. At the correct dosage, you'll usually feel an immediate effect!

 Water Soluble Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil is a simple, fast-acting liquid with different strengths for both oral and topical applications. It is made with high-quality, organically grown hemp, which has a naturally high level of CBD and an abundance of other beneficial cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBC), flavonoids, terpenes, and essential amino acids. Unlike other products made from extracted CBD, SunMed Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil is made by removing trace amounts of THC.

Using nanoemulsion technology, the active compounds are transformed into nano-sized emulsions, which allow your body to absorb them more quickly. This process will keep the oil and water from separating once they've been mixed. It also dissolves well in fats and oils, allowing you to make your edibles or customized topicals using your favorite lotion or other cosmetics.

You can medicate on the go; all you need is water. Just pick the flavor that suits your taste. SunMed Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil and SunMed Hemp Oil Water Soluble are intended to be used as herbal supplements. Please consult your doctor before you quit taking any medications to replace them with the natural and holistic option of CBD.


SunMed Water Soluble CBD is a one-of-a-kind product designed to be highly bioavailable for maximum bioavailability and more permeable when applied to the skin. This versatile CBD water-soluble product is a simple-to-use, fast-acting liquid with different strengths for oral consumption that quickly impacts the Endocannabinoid System.

Along with entirely dissolving in water, it also dissolves well in fats and oils, making them efficient for making your edibles or customized topicals using your favorite lotion or other cosmetics. CBD oil would not readily mix with water – because oils (non-polar chains of hydrocarbons) separate from water (polar molecule). Still, our nano-liposomal technology overcomes this issue, resulting in a stable CBD product that can easily absorb into your bloodstream.

Choosing a water-soluble emulsified CBD as your dosing option allows you to take CBD on the go easily – all you need is water, tea, or any other water-based beverage. Storage in an amber bottle protects the CBD from ultraviolet rays, breaking down cannabinoids.

We carry 600mg of broad-spectrum water-soluble in strawberry-lime, grape, pina colada, and natural flavors. Take more as needed and regularly for the best results!

Now Your CBD Store is proud to offer our CBG Neuro Water Soluble tincture:

One of the only CBG-rich tinctures available on the market today. Our Neuro tincture offers all the benefits of our award-winning Hemp Oil and Water Soluble CBD products. Yet unlike the typical CBD tincture, it contains high levels of another cannabinoid with incredible therapeutic benefits: CBG. 

Our CBG Neuro Water Soluble is a cutting-edge product, and Sunmed has breached a new frontier in the industry with one of the only CBG-rich tinctures available today. 

Like CBD, CBG is a naturally-occurring cannabinoid endogenous to the hemp plant, though present in much smaller concentrations (and therefore considered a "minor" cannabinoid). As a result, CBG tincture is rare in today's industry and requires expert knowledge, advanced technology, and specialized cultivation methods to produce. Luckily, these are Sunmed's specialties, and with our CBG Neuro Water Soluble, we offer yet another innovative product with a host of unprecedented benefits. 

Why Choose Sunmed Neuro Water Soluble?

As discussed below, the CBG in our Neuro Water Soluble has many unique benefits. 

Our Neuro Water Soluble is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse. CBG is one of the most potent known anti-inflammatory cannabinoids, as is CBD--yet the two combat inflammation differently. Combining these cannabinoids, our Neuro Water Soluble targets inflammation from all angles to offer optimal therapeutic effects.

Researchers have also suggested that CBG may benefit mood, stress levels, and energy and promote overall feelings of happiness and well-being. 

Our Neuro Water Soluble is one of our fastest-acting products, with effects kick in just five to ten minutes after ingestion and last for four to six hours per dose. This makes our Neuro Water Soluble perfect for those who seek a product that provides instant therapeutic benefits in situations where you need them most. 

As we discuss below, CBG has significant benefits for the following aspects of our health: 

  • Mood: CBG is thought to increase neurotransmitters for improved mood, energy, attention, and emotional balance. 
  • Stress: CBG works by a unique mechanism of action to aid stress management, while CBD produces the same benefits by working in different brain regions. Our Neuro Water Soluble combines the relaxing properties of both compounds to optimize its calming benefits. 
  • Cognitive Health: Based on their findings, researchers suggest that CBG may support mental health. 
  • Inflammation: Our Neuro Water Soluble is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse, combining the soothing effects of CBD with the inflammation-reducing properties of CBG. 

What is CBG?

Like CBD, cannabigerol (CBG) is a phytocannabinoid, a naturally-occurring compound synthesized by hemp in reaction to heat and light under natural growing conditions. Like CBD and all other cannabinoids, CBG produces its benefits through its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a network of cannabinoid receptors and neurotransmitters that spreads throughout the body and is responsible for nearly all aspects of our physical and psychological health. 

Each cannabinoid in Sunmed's formula--whether CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, or any other--offers its distinctive therapeutic properties. 

Yet CBG, in particular, has shown enormous therapeutic potential in clinical trials, and scientists and researchers have become increasingly interested in its possible uses as a holistic aid.

The Benefits of CBG

CBG has exhibited remarkable benefits in scientific studies and clinical trials, which is why scientific and medicinal interest in this cannabinoid is overgrowing and why researchers believe that CBG has such profound therapeutic potential. And this, in turn, is why Your CBD Store and Sunmed are exploring the world of CBG and incorporating it into their products. 

CBG is thought to benefit many aspects of our health, including:

  • Mood, Energy, Motivation, and Emotional Balance: CBG has various benefits for mental wellness. It produces these benefits by binding with CB1 receptors in the brain to release neurotransmitters associated with positive emotions. It is suggested to promote happiness and well-being, healthy sleep, motivation, focus, energy, and even learning and memory. 
  • Alleviating Physical Discomfort: Based on their findings, scientists have also suggested that CBG may help reduce the physical discomfort.
  • Eye Health: CBG binds with CB1 receptors, which are found throughout the ocular region, and regulate eye health. As a result, CBG is thought to benefit ocular health and reduce discomfort in the eye area.
  • Immune System Health: Like CBD, CBG is believed to support a healthy immune system. Cannabinoids such as CBG and CBD bind with cannabinoid receptors, which are found on immune cells throughout the body. By binding with these receptors, they unlock access to the systems they control- in this case, the immune system- to ensure they are balanced and functioning correctly. As a result, CBG and CBD are believed to promote a healthy immune system. 

How CBG Enhances CBD: The Entourage Effect Without THC

CBG further enriches the therapeutic value of our Neuro Water Soluble by enhancing the effects of CBG. Some consumers think that full-spectrum is most effective because it contains 0.3% THC, which may correlate to increased therapeutic benefits. CBG makes these enhanced benefits possible without THC, providing those who cannot use products containing THC with the "entourage effect" that many seek from full-spectrum products. 

The CBG in our Neuro Water Soluble performs the same actions that trace amounts of THC perform in enhancing the effects of CBD. Next to THC, CBG is one of the only cannabinoids that can cross the blood-brain barrier, a layer of cells separating the bloodstream and the brain. After you ingest one of our CBD products, cannabinoids are released into the bloodstream and circulated throughout the body until they reach the endocannabinoid system to produce their effects. By bridging the blood-brain barrier, CBG accelerates and facilitates cannabinoids' journey towards the brain, translating to faster-acting, more potent results.

Moreover, once it reaches the endocannabinoid system, CBG binds with CB1 receptors, which can usually be achieved only with trace amounts of THC. By binding with extra receptors in the brain, CBG multiplies the benefits and amplifies the therapeutic scope of our Neuro Water Soluble tincture. 

Broad Spectrum vs. Full Spectrum CBD

Our Water Soluble Tincture is available in both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum forms. Our broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products are rich in hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes. You can count on our products to deliver the "entourage effect," the synergistic result of cannabinoids and terpenes working together to potentiate the effects of CBD, multiply its benefits, and amplify its therapeutic scope. 

The principal difference between our broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD is THC content. Our broad-spectrum CBD contains 0% THC, and we recommend this form of CBD for anyone uncomfortable with THC or liable for drug testing. Our full-spectrum CBD contains trace, non-psychoactive amounts of THC at a legal level of less than 0.3%. Neither product will cause you to feel intoxicated or "high"--in fact, this would be impossible to achieve at any dosage. 

Both our broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products are excellent options with remarkable therapeutic value. Some customers prefer full-spectrum products because they believe that THC, by crossing the blood-brain barrier and binding with cannabinoid receptors that CBD cannot, enhances the effects and increases the benefits of our products. With that said, most of our customers report the same results--and are equally satisfied--with our broad-spectrum tincture, which contains every other cannabinoid and terpene proven to synergize with CBD except for THC. 

All in all, whether you choose broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD comes down to personal preference, and we can confidently say that you will benefit immensely from either product. Yet, as always, here at Sunmed, we strive to provide our customers with the broadest range of options for customized personal care. 

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Sunmed CBD Broad Spectrum Water Solubles 0% THC

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