Recommended taking 1-2x a day. Put 1/2 dropper under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds or more to absorb.

After a few days, see how it's working and if you feel it is still missing something, up the dropper a little at a time to find your sweet spot. Remember, consistency is critical.

Think of it like this whatever you may be trying to work with or overcome did not develop overnight or within a short period.

Trying to get your body back to normal is what you're trying to accomplish naturally, the same way we were born.

Another dominant product with this is the godfather of all our Sunmed CBG Citrus to try.

Sunmed Immune + Hemp Oil Supplement 1000mg
Full Spectrum with CBGA and CBDA

Sunmed Immune + Hemp Oil 1000mg Supplement is the latest plant-science-based offering, Immune + Tincture.  According to store owner Leroy Reber, this full-spectrum product is “packed with an impressive amount of essential oils,” including cinnamon, clove, blue gum eucalyptus, and lemon as Vitamins A and D3.  

“It is a CBDA/CBGA-dominant tincture, which effectively delivers those immune-supporting compounds,” Reber says. “This is a great product for the world we live in now, where immune support is still a top concern for many people. It’s an excellent addition to a regular CBD regimen for those looking to get a much-needed boost to their immune system and overall quality of life.”

Sunmed's Immune plus Tincture is one of many research-based products made by SunMed, the exclusive product line of Your CBD Stores. Among their most popular offerings is the Trim weight-loss line for those seeking a natural alternative to kickstart their health and fitness journey.

“Trim features THC-V, a compound in hemp known to suppress your appetite naturally,” Reber says. “These products are scientifically-backed by clinical trials spanning over 13 weeks. They showed a remarkable rate of success among participants.”  

All SunMed products are USDA Certified Organic and tested in a third-party lab.  

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Sunmed Immune + Hemp Oil Supplement Full Spectrum with CBGA and CBDA

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